1st PC-1600 user meeting

Report of the 1st PC-1600 user meeting on 23.02.2019 in Emstek (Germany).


Jan Lindner, Lorenz Schuirmann, Thomas Stahl, Torsten Mücker and Harald Richter

The 1st PC-1600 user meeting started punctually at 13 o'clock.

After everyone had put down the equipment they had brought with them, everyone went to the buffet.

First names and addresses were exchanged over coffee and cake.

It was interesting to see that almost everyone present had several types of pocket computers.

But the star of every user was the Sharp PC-1600.

The special interests of the individual users also quickly became apparent.

After several cups of coffee and pieces of cake the news started.

I started with a demonstration of the new program DiskWorkPC.

DiskWorkPC is a new transfer software between PC / Mac computers and the PC-1600.

The advantage of the programme, several files can be transferred one after the other in each direction.

I also showed a first demo version of my new game - Moorhuhn for the PC-1600.

Then Thomas Stahl started a demonstration of his great barcode reader.

It is fully compatible with the Sharp CE-1601N.

The barcode reader works very fast, as he demonstrated to us on a plotted demo.

When he showed us a 3D game (Four Wins) on the PC-1600 with connected CE-1600P, which works with the barcode reader, all participants were really enthusiastic.

Torsten Mücker, author of the software PocketTools also announced a new version 2.10.

PocketTools converts programmes that were previously recorded on cassette into basic and binary files.

Now it was time to address the most important questions.

How do we get even larger memory modules? Are there still Bluetooth modules ?

How can you develop programs even more effectively and with which development environments?

Who else has the right cables ? How do I configure programme modules etc..

Many questions were answered and wishes were expressed during the afternoon.

At the end Thomas told us about his ideas and plans.

The idea was to build a video interface for the PC-1600. A fixed USB port on the PC-1600 would also be interesting.

It remains exciting. Let us be surprised.

The exciting day came to an end with the last participant at around 21:30.

My conclusion:

Really nice people. It was a lot of fun. We have clarified many questions. With pleasure again !

See you,

Harald Richter