New ! USB for storage media directly on the Sharp PC-1600

This is how it looks like, the new USB interface MEP Application 1 from Spellbound.


MEP USB Flash Drive Driver Application 

This MEP application is a USB flash drive interface that is fully integrated into the PC-1600 operating system and supports a native file device named "S3:" (or "Y"). 

USB 2.0 and 3.0 flash drives (USB flash drives) formatted with FAT32 or exFAT are supported. The standard BASIC file commands work with "S3:" or "Y:" just as with "S1:" or "S2:": 


The EEPROM of this MEP application provides a new BASIC command CDIR to navigate UNIX-style through subdirectories on the flash drive, e.g. CDIR "UTIL", CDIR" ... ", CDIR" .. /DEMO/PLOT". 

The file browser app DiskWorks (DW.BIN) is fully supported with drive letter "Y" (as long as no CE-1600F is connected). 

This MEP application implements the standard IOCS API for file devices, so it can be easily called from your own assembly programs. 

Only one application can be installed on the MEP at a time. 

Here is a demonstration video on how to connect and use a USB flash drive:

PC-1600 MEP Manual v2

New ! USB connection directly on the Sharp PC-1600

This is what it looks like, the new USB module by Spellbound.


• Modular design with exchangeable frontend. UART Rx/Tx communication between frontend and backend.

• Backend:

ATmega328P microcontroller with I/O-port communication (INP/OUT) to the PC-1600: Preloaded application code: USB keyboard driver for the PC-1600.

28C256 EEPROM with socket. 

Preloaded PC-1600 ROM extension: BASIC token table and command for keymap change, interrupt handler and keycode injection routine for the PC-1600 OS key ringbuffer.

22V10C PLD with socket. 

Preloaded addressing: extension ROM at #7,&4000, microcontroller port: &90

Onboard SPI socket for programming of the microcontroller

Compatible 60pin bus connector.

• USB-Frontend:

Hobbytronics USB-Host Controller with preloaded application

• Keyboard compatibility: Tested with Logitech standard keyboard layouts (US,

German, French). Also tested with Microsoft wireless keyboard with USB-dongle.

• Compatibility: Only SHARP PC-1600.

PC-1500/A not supported – do not connect the module to a PC-1500/A !

Here is a demonstration video about connecting and using a Hama wireless keyboard:

New Bluetooth  Modul for Sharp Pockets

This is what it looks like, the new Bluetooth module from Spellbound.