Here I report briefly on some great new hardware, which greatly enhances the Sharp PC-1600. All from the technology department of Tom (Alias Spellbound).

512 KB Modul:

He managed to build a really huge 512 KB module for slot 2 of the PC-1600.

It has been working very reliably in my PC-1600 for over a year now.

The module can also be operated in 256KB mode.

SuperRAM PDF / SuperRAM Software

32 KB Eprom without eprom burner:

Another development is a 32KB module that works like an eprom.

The module is written to by means of software in the PC-1600 like an eprom.

Software packages, e.g. the assembler, TEXT+ and debugger can be permanently installed there without data loss.

Eprom burner PDF / Eprom burner Software

Sharp Bluetooth Modul:

Once you have used the Sharp Bluetooth module, it becomes simply irreplaceable.

The module runs with the Sharp models PC-1600, 1350/1360, E500, G850 and E220 . 

The connection worked right away, without any problems.

USB cable:

A low cost USB cable for the PC-1600 to connect to a PC/Mac.

SHARP PC-1600 CE-1601N Replacement:

A new edition of the CE-1601N barcode reader.

100% compatible !

Sharp PC-1600 USB Modular Extension Platform

The USB keyboard use case comes "out of the box" - no programming required!

It is also possible to program your own application.